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質問 Why is the repeatability the best in the world?
答え With the conventional probe, the ball (5) of the internal mechanism part was fixed by press fitting or using an epoxy adhesive (Figure 1 - Old fixed method)

Epoxy adhesive (plastic) is changes over time and is unstable.
Plastic is change with the passage of aging are unsuitable for measuring instruments.

The internal mechanism of the new type point finder has dramatically improved repetition accuracy by firmly fixing it with a set screw from the side after press fitting the ball (Figure 2)
Even if the length of the stylus is doubled, the repeatability is guaranteed ± 1 μm. [PAT.No. 5133884]

Focusing on the frictional resistance (10) occurring in the ball (5) and the needle pin (3) in FIG. 2, by reducing the friction coefficient μ≒1 to μ≒0.05 by applying the DLC coat, friction Resistance decreased and repeatability became the world's best 【Pat No. 5936199】

It is stable as a ball is fixed from the side by the set screw (9) put in the metal block (4) (Fig.2, Fig.3・Ball fixing system)

Due to the effect of this mechanism, the repetition accuracy is the world's highest. [Patent No. 5133884] [Pat No. 5936199]

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