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When put a magnet on the table stand of the machine tools,
work is magnetized. And causing measurement errors.
You can high-precision measurement
if you use the non-magnetic stylus (Patent No. 40722822) .


10 Biggest Features of the Nonmagnetic Stylus

  1. No measurement error by magnetic power.
  2. No need for deGause or replacement of a stylus.
    This improves your working efficiency.
  3. Magnetic permeability(μ)≦1.01 ... nonmagnetic!
  4. Sphericity ≦0.6μm
  5. Hardness: HRA92
  6. Electrical Resistivity: 3.2μΩ(1/3 of iron)
  7. Coefficients of linear expansion: 1.2×10⁻6(1/10 of iron)
  8. It doesn't rust.
  9. Special welding method → Low-temperature welding makes a stylus ball difficult
    to break and it won't vary across the ages because of no internal stress.
  10. It has superior quality to others on the market at the same price.

The Influences of Remanent Magnetism with General Stylus

Measurement errors may be observed when you use a general stylus (eg. a steel stylus)
as the diagram below indicates.
Based on the magnetic power at the working cite, NISSIN 'Nonmagnetic Stylus' is a MUST!
In order not to ruin your machining technique because of the remanent magnetism,
it is natural to use our 'Nonmagnetic Stylus'.

the influences of the remanent magnetism with general stylus

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