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Centering Gauge is the standard product for centering.
It can be used for measurements of inside/outside diameters, height, depth and circle/hole size.
Easy to use: Attach Centering Gauge on MC spindle and make the stylus touch to workpiece, then LED lights up.

Features of Centering Gauge

  • Easy and high-precise centering is possible just to put Centering Gauge on the MC spindle and bring it into contact with a workpiece.
  • Available to any kind of metals.
  • Measurements of inside/outside diameters, depth, circle/hole size, and of course, centering are all clear with Centering Gauge.
  • Concentricity of axle and shank is within 3/1000mm, thus it is also available as a test bar.
  • Centering Gauge with nonmagnetic stylus prevents to attach the machining swarf and doesn't affect measurement.

If by any chance the axle is broken, don't worry! No scratch on a spindle of MC because it will break it at V groove portion and repairs and replacement are accepted only once.

How to measure with Centering Gauge

Measuring method by using Centering Gauge

Measuring method by using Centering Gauge

For measuring angles, use 【Point Finder series】.

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