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質問 The lamp does not light, what is the cause?
答え Please confirm the following when it is before use.
① 【Common to all products】
Is the battery reversely inserted? Please confirm the direction of the battery once again.
②【Tool setter】
If the end mill is not conducting, it can not be measured with an external contact type measuring instrument. Please use i-50
【Point finder/Centering Gauge Swing Type】 Please use the internal contact type point finder WPi.
When using the external contact method,
please use the magunnet cable ,for the machining center with the spindle revolution number of 10,000 rpm or more.

When the lamp stoped lighting after being used.
① There may be no remaining battery. Please try with a new battery once.
②【Point finder/Centering Gauge Swing Type】
If you use the machine for a long time, the spindle bearing wears and electric resistance is generated The LED may not emit light. Please use magnet cable.
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