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質問 Please tell me the difference between "non-magnetic stylus," said general stylus (steel stylus, etc.).
答え For general stylus (steel stylus, etc.) can affect the magnetic force.
Order to receive a variety of effects, such as shown in the figure below by the magnetic force, no exact number can not be obtained.
If the [non-magnetic stylus] of NISSIN order to solve the above-mentioned trouble,
Of which it is one of the causes of defective processing magnetic force problem will not!
For this reason, it is widely available to users like to be pursue the work of high accuracy.
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In the case of ruby ball stylus, for epoxy-based adhesives are used in joining the ruby ball and Esao, ruby ball will be taken peeled off by the impact.
If you want to measure the aluminum, ruby sphere (Al 2 O 2 ) is, because of the high affinity of the aluminum (Al), aluminum is the molecular bonds in ruby sphere the contact portion on will cause swells.
Since the measuring instrument unsuitable does not adopt at our company.
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