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質問 I would like to measure the drill length of φ0.05 with a tool setter. Which is better, M-50 or i-50?
答え In the measurement pressure, M-50 is 0.001N and i-50 is 0.2N, while M-50 is 1.5N. Please select i-50. For details, please see the page of tool setter.
If it is overrun by Z axis feed, the endmill will break by M-50.
The i-50 has a measurement pressure of 0.2N, but value does not change to 0.2N even if it overrun, it will not break even with the measurement of φ0.03mm endmill.

i-50 is measuring pressure is 0.2N, but the value of even overkill reaction force does not change and 0.2N, does not break even in the measurement of cutlery φ0.03mm.
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