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Point Finder is a high precision 3D touch sensor (probe) which is enable to do any kind of measurements, such as reference position, inside / outside diameter, centering, angle, groove width, and height.
All model has nonmagnetic stylus, and its repeatability is assured of ±0.5μm with the standard length stylus.
There are 5 models as PTN, PTC, WP, SPi, WPi.

Repeatedly even with a 80mm stylus length accuracy ± 1μm guarantee (Patent No. 5133884)
2013, Chubu Regional Development Award [Invention Award] award

Features of the Point Finder Series クリック

Point Finder
[External Contact Type]
Point Finder-i
[Internal Contact Type]
iron, nonferrous metal Measurable material metal, nonmetal (plastic, wood...)
XY-axes ±11.5mm Stylus stroke XY-axes ±6mm
Z-axis +5mm Z-axis +5mm
(±1μm with the 80mm stylus)
Repeatability (*1) ±0.5μm
XY-axes 0.001N Measuring pressure XY-axes 0.3N
Z-axis 0.001N Z-axis 1.5N
φ1、φ2、φ3、φ4、φ5、φ6 Stylus tip diameter φ2、φ3、φ6
ST-6×40NM(*2) Standard stylus ST-6×29NM(*2)
PTC series has a buzzer Other feature available to MC with a ceramic spindle

*1:'Repeatability' is a level to show the repeat accuracy of the standard stylus
   when it returns to the original position.
*2:You can change the size of stylus instead of the standard one.
   For details, refer to 【Nonmagnetic Stylus】

How to Measure クリック

Point Finder series are available to measure any position and angle.

print out the features, measuring method, specifications and dimensions of point finder series.