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質問 What is "the repetition precision?"
答え If the stylus touches the workpiece it will tilt, if you return it will show the degree of return of the stylus to its original position.

If the reproducibility is bad, the stylus will return to the wrong position, making accurate measurement impossible.

If "Point Finder series" of NISSIN ...
Repeatability is guaranteed to ± 0.5μm with a standard stylus.
By achieving a stylus length of 80 mm and achieving ± 1μm, repetition accuracy of ± 1 μm can be guaranteed even with 150 mm custom order by custom order!

* Generally, with the external contact method, it is the limit of 40 mm length of the stylus that it is possible to maintain repeatability to ±0.5 μm. ** The length of the standard stylus is 40mm in external contact method, is 29mm in internal contact method.
If further "centering gauge Swinger Type" ...
Reproducibility is guaranteed ± 0.5 μm even with standard stylus 100 mm ± 0.25 μm stylus length 150 mm! With special order, we guarantee ± 1 μm with stylus length 200 mm.
* Centering gauge swing type is [external contact method].
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