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Tool Setter enables to measure a tool length 'on a machining center' easily. 
No need to input the recode manually.
Using Tool Setter reduces working time and avoids input error.
※In case you measure a workpiece which blocks electricity by using NS Tool Setter, it is required to use the Magnet Cable together.

i-50 is improved accuracy repeatedly in the adoption of Patent No. 5133884.

Features of the Tool Setter series

NS Tool Setter is available for the tool edge larger than 6mm in diameter.

  • NS Tool Setter makes it possible to measure the tool length (the position of a drill tip) on the machine tools. It saves your machining time!
  • Sub-zero treatment and ultraprecise polish prevent the variation across the ages.
  • It is usable to measure iron and nonferrous metal workpieces.

Tool Setter-i is available for the tool edge from 0.03mm to 6mm in diameter

  • Tool Setter-i has been developed for ultra-highspeed spindle with the machine tools (10000rpm).
  • It is available to measure plastic, wood and some other materials which block electricity.
  • Magnets are attached at the bottom, so it can be used with both vertical and holizontal machining tools.

NS Tool Setter
[External Contact Structure]
Tool Setter-i
[Internal Contact Structure]
iron, nonferrous metal Measurable Material metal, nonmetal (plastic, wood...)
5mm Vertical Stroke 1.5mm
±0.001mm Repeatability ±0.001mm
0.001N Measuring Pressure 0.2N
6N Magnetism 6N

In case the tool diameter is larger than φ6mm and the workpiece blocks electricity, 'Magnet Cable' is a MUST with NS Tool Setter! It's easy to use; Put a magnet on NS Tool Setter and the other on the shank of measuring instrument.

How to measure the tool length with the Tool Setter 

Input error is one of the causes of runaway accident.
Let the automatic input in the tool setter.

How to measure the tool length with Tool setter

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