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質問 Can I use the waterproof type while keeping it in ATC?
答え Please use it so as not to spill the cutting fluid. It is not recommended to keep it in ATC.

The IP 67 standard is a standard that does not flood even if left for 30 minutes in a water depth of 1 m.
it is not a cutting oil.
When not using, be sure to put it in a special case and keep it.
Although we use fluorocarbon rubber, If it comes in contact with surfactant-containing cutting fluid, the life of rubber will be shortened.

Fluororubber is used for products. Fluororubber is a material excellent in oil resistance. However, if cutting fluid containing surfactant is applied, the service life of rubber will be shortened.

Misty cutting fluid adheres to the rubber bellows of the machining center, which accelerates deterioration, which is not preferable. Entering the body from the lung is not good for your health.

Some naturally-friendly cutting fluids derived from plants suddenly degrade rubber.
Swelling and curing will proceed and rubber will crack.

cutting oils containing surfactants, even mineral, have the property of dissolving rubbers.
We are not recommending the use of the above cutting fluid at our company, so please be aware that we may be unable to guarantee product defects caused by using this cutting oil.

If you would like to know more about the nature of cutting fluid, please also refer to here.

Click here Please refer to those who want to know more about the nature of the cutting fluid.

There is a cutting fluid that does not adversely affect rubber even if it is immersed for 6 years as shown in the picture below.
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