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質問 Can I use a point finder with a horizontal machining center?
答え Our products can be used without problem.
In the horizontal machining center, the stylus deflects downward by gravity.

To measure this amount [B], measure the position of the Y axis with the centering gauge [measuring element φ10] fixed to the table and confirm the position.

Next, since the value [A] which is measured by the point finder 【measuring element φ 6】 is more than 2 mm difference 【difference in radius】 (φ10 ÷ 2 - φ 6 ÷ 2 = 2 mm), it is worn out .

2mm - 【A】 = 【B】This is the amount of deflection.

Please correct this when centering by placing this amount in the correction value or by taking notes.
This value does not change because it is within elastic limit.
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