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質問 Can I exchange the stylus myself?
答え Since the point finder has a hole of φ2.6 at the base of the stylus, Squeeze something like a hex wrench here and turn it counterclockwise to disengage. It is a right screw, you can set it by turning it to the right.
For centering gauge swing type, please use 5.5 mm and 6 mm wrench.
Replacing the stylus, the position of the stylus runout will change.
Measure the runout by measuring the gage block attached to the vice Please enter the radius value of the stylus sphere to the variable of the machining center.
Centering will be completed by pressing the + input (FANUC) or writing (okuma) button at the position where the stylus touches the workpiece.

The method of adjusting the runout of the stylus to zero against the shank using a mechanical type pick tester is incorrect.
Even if there is runout in the stylus, it is possible to measure ± 1/1000 mm if you correct it.

Please see this page for the correction method.
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