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History - New Product Development

Centering gauge Beginning was one single point finder.

Even with no matter how good machining center, why the error comes to processing.
The cause of the error? To eliminate the error?
why? why? Cherish this question of feeling, I came up here.

Where is the [processing zero defects] The goal of Nissin.

1977/01 Nissin Sangyo established
1979/10 Electronic centering bar with LED 'Centering Gauge'
1982/12 Electronic tool length measuring instrument 'NS Tool Setter'
1984/10 High-accuracy 3D measuring instrument on the machining center
'Centering Gauge Swing Type'
1985/08 Desktop automatic tool length measuring instrument
1986/04 Automatical centering instrument 'Wireless Gauge'
Desktop automatic tool length measuring instrument (wireless version)
1987/04 3D measuring instrument on the machining center 'Point Finder'
1995/04 Patented automatic measuring system Patent No. 2064475
1996/10 Automatic measurement wireless transmission system patented Patent No. 2523984
1998/07 Creative research training business contract
1998/10 Glass holder for buffet party 'Party Holder' Patent No. 33109996
1999/10 'Nonmagnetic Stylus'
2001/03 Highly-sensitive 'Point Finder'
2002/04 'Point Finder-i [Internal contact type]'
2002/11 'Tasukaru-kun'
2004/02 'Tool Setter-i [Internal contact type]'
2005/02 'Point Finder Compact Type'
2006/01 'Point Finder with Buzzer'
2006/07 Small Business Innovation Research certification (SBIR)
2007/02 'Centering Gauge with Nonmagnetic Stylus'
2008/04 'Point Finder with Long Stylus'
2009/03 Certification to small and medium-sized enterprises Manufacturing foundation technology sophistication sponsored enterprises (Central Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
2010/02 China patented mechanism of high precision probe Patent No.CH-705949
2011/06 China patented mechanism of high precision probe Patent No.CH-849574
2011/10 New mechanism China patented internal contact system probe Patent No.CH-789196
2012/11 Patented mechanism that improves the repeatability Patent No.5133884 (PCT patent)
2014/02 Triangle error improvement mechanism patented internal contact system sensor Patent No.5470038
2016/08 China Patented Patent No. 201280014896.8 of "position detector"