High-accuracy XY-axes centering bar.
Easy to measure the basic position for machining.

Features of Rotary Center

  • XY-axes centering bar makes it easy to measure the reference position for the milling machine.
  • Hardness: HRC60°~62°(Sub-zero treatment)
  • XY-axis Repeatability:within ±2μm
  • Adequate Rotation Speed: 450~600rpm
  • RC-104 is provided with 2 bar diameters, φ10 and φ4.
  • For measurements of height, depth, angle, circle/hole, and centering,
    【Point Finder series】 is available.

How to use

How to use Rotary Center


Model Shank Bar Diameter Weight(g)
RC-10 φ10 φ10 50
RC-104 φ10 and φ4


Dimensions of Rotary Center